The beginning

Hello new reader, welcome to this new blog.
I want to say that I’ve never blogged before so I don’t really know how to deal with it but I’m actually trying and hopefully I will get better every time I will start a new post.
This will not be a blog about cities, hotels, museums and restaurants that you HAVE to visit because probably the net is already full of these things and after a while people get tired of them; mine will be a blog about personal experiences and the main reason I’ve opened it is to keep the memories of all of them, in particular the daily little things that after a while we use to forget but that probably are the ones we should remember at best.
I think now I should shortly introduce myself: my name is Martina and I’m 20 years old.
I was born in a very little town in the north east of Italy where I lived for 20 years and at the moment I’m working/living as an Au Pair in the north of England.
In this moment you’re probably in front of your laptop wondering what an Au Pair is (a lot of people do), so, an Au Pair is a girl, or a boy, that lives in a foreign country for a period (usually from three months up to one year) in a local family looking after the children and usually also helping with some light housework. A nice way to improve a language, help and meet new people, learn about new cultures and have younger siblings if you’ve always wished for them but you’ve never had, don’t you think?
So now I’ve been here in England for three months and I have three beautiful new sisters and and an awesome little brother (I just have an older one in my Italian family) that I’m learning to know and love.
I think I’ve just said everything you need to know for the moment and if you’re still reading this..congrats! You’ve reached the end! I hope you will read also the next post I will write and if you won’ least have a nice day! 🙂



6 responses to “The beginning

  1. Wuhoo! The start of a great journey, making memories to look back on and to show the grandchildren – haha. You’re the best aupair that can be. Thanks for choosing us! Great first post x


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